Tracy-Spiridakos-Revolution-Sex-and-Drugs-NBC.jpgAfter receiving some good news in this week’s ratings, “Revolution” is taking a week off (to make room for the third and final Presidential debate on Monday). The next new episode, “Sex and Drugs,” airs Oct. 29 and it looks like a doozy.

Nora is in need of serious medical help after being stabbed by Ken Hutchinson (Jeff Fahey), Neville is about to hand over Danny to Monroe, and Charlie has a very Joan-from-“Mad Men”-like decision to make when a gang leader makes her an indecent proposal.

Check out these photos NBC released from the episode for a preview of the action, and take a peek at a whole bunch of “Revolution” Season 1 photos in our ongoing gallery.

Billy-Burke-Zak-Orth-Tracy-Spiridakos-Revolution-Sex-and-Drugs-NBC.jpgWhy isn’t Miles (Billy Burke) as scared as Aaron (Zak
Orth) or Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos)? (And, yes, that’s Nora slumped over
in the back of the truck.)

Daniella-Alonso-Revolution-Sex-and-Drugs-NBC.jpgWill Nora get the help she needs?

Graham-Rogers-Giancarlo-Esposito-Revolution-Sex-and-Drugs-NBC.jpgWhat happens to Danny (Graham Rogers) after Captain Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) finally delivers him to Monroe?

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