jim beaver revolution 'Revolution': Jim Beaver rides back into Eric Kripke's worldJim Beaver guest-stars on “Revolution” Wednesday (Oct. 23) in a role that seems tailor-made for him: commander of the Texas Rangers and interior minister of the Texas government.

Given his history with “Revolution” creator Eric Kripke, the part may very well have been created with Beaver in mind. The two worked together for years on “Supernatural,” and Beaver says he has “enormous fondness” for Kripke.

“If he wants to shoot the telephone book, I’m going to be there and just ask him which letter he wants me to start with,” Beaver tells Zap2it. “We’ve remained in touch sporadically even after he left day-to-day operations of ‘Supernatural,’ so I wasn’t entirely surprised to hear from him when this part came up. But I’ve got a handful of producers in my past that all they’ve got to do is call and I’m ready to go to work for them, and Eric is definitely one of those.”

Beaver’s character, John Franklin Fry, rides into Willoughby with a contingent of Rangers — “one of those entrances that a boy dreams about,” he says — after the Patriots take over the town where Miles (Billy Burke), Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Aaron (Zak Orth) are living — and, as of last week’s episode, planning a resistance operation.  

As has often been the case during the show’s run, Miles and Fry have some history — not much of it good.

“He’s got a big bone to pick with Miles,” Beaver says of his character. “Fry and Miles — let’s just say Fry’s not very happy to see Miles, but circumstances force them to join forces, at least initially. … It’s the kind of thing where it’s, ‘OK, we’ve got to work together, but when this is done, you and I are gonna go round and round.'”

Beaver allows that his guest appearance on “Revolution” is more than just a one-off, but he won’t say how long Fry sticks around: “There are surprises ahead for the audience. If I say too much about how many episodes I’ll give away too much.”

“Revolution” airs at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday on NBC.

Posted by:Rick Porter