anna lise phillips maggie death dies revolution tracy spiridakos nbc 'Revolution' kills off a major character: What did you think of the death?We’re only four episodes into “Revolution,” and now we know not everyone will survive to participate in the show’s full season order.

Unless you count the death of Ben Matheson (Tim Guinee) in the pilot, Monday night’s episode “The Plague Dogs” featured the show’s first major demise of a central character. And the victim was the group’s doctor, Maggie (Anna Lise Phillips).

Since NBC got to promote that someone would expire in the episode, the powers that be seemed to have more fun than usual placing characters in harm’s way throughout the hour: Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) faced down an arrow pointed straight at her head and Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) was trapped under the debris of a building damaged by a tornado (he was rescued by poor stupid Danny, who promptly went back to being Tom’s prisoner).

We also discovered a little more about why Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) was “presumed dead” in a flashback to what appeared to be her last conversation with Charlie (but we still don’t know what deal Rachel struck with Monroe-militia-era Miles, or why Miles is keeping it a secret from Charlie now). Plus, we saw a lot of Maggie’s past, including how she met Ben and those kids she was always talking about. As it turns out, that’s because they were wrapping up Maggie’s short-lived story.

The news that Phillips’ time on the show was limited actually broke quietly over the summer, but the death still may have taken some “Revolution” fans by surprise.

Tell us what you thought of Maggie’s exit and the episode overall in our poll and the comments section below.

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