billy burke revolution nbc 'Revolution' recap: Blackout cause revealed in 'The Children's Crusade,' sort ofTechnically, NBC wasn’t really lying in those ads that promised this week’s “Revolution” would reveal the truth behind the blackout.

“How did it really all begin? And who’s responsible? Next Monday, the truth will be revealed!” screamed last week’s promos for the Nov. 5 episode “The Children’s Crusade.”

Viewers sort of got an answer during the installment’s flashback storyline. Three years before the blackout, Ben (Tim Guinee) and Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell) were hard at work on a device that would generate “clean low cost electricity.” But as Ben explained to Department of Defense Assistant Secretary Flynn (Colm Feore), the device backfired. “Instead of generating electricity it inhibits it,” Ben tells Flynn. “It’s a failure, but a very very interesting one.” He then gives Mr. Flynn a vivid demonstration of what the device is capable of, and the Assistant Secretary couldn’t be more interested.

“Can this be replicated? On how large a scale?” he asks Ben, as Rachel frowns and harumphs in the background. She doesn’t want to get in bed with the D.O.D., but Ben reasons that a government contract isn’t such a bad thing. “Another month, we won’t be able to keep the lights on,” he pleads with her in a little inside joke to the audience. (Get it? Because now they’re all living in a world where the lights are never on … and Ben is dead! Oh those hilarious “Revolution” writers!)

Rachel isn’t convinced, but she’s carrying future idiot/burden Danny in her belly and the pregnancy isn’t going smoothly. After some bad news during a doctor’s visit, Rachel hears another offer from Flynn that’s even harder to resist: He can make sure she gets to participate in an exclusive medical research project that could save her baby’s life.

The present day storyline is typical “Revolution” low-rent adventure silliness — this time involving Charlie infiltrating the militia to rescue the brother of some irritating kids left orphaned during Miles’ reign of terror — but there’s one final (predictable) twist in the last scene.

Grace (Maria Howell) was one of Ben and Rachel’s colleagues on the top secret energy project, and now she’s being held captive by a mysterious figure named Randall, who is revealed to be: Assistant Secretary Flynn!

Were you satisfied with the “Revolution” revelations or were you expecting more?

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