revolution season 1 finale david lyons daniella alonso billy burke 'Revolution' Season 1 finale changes everything says Billy Burke“Revolution” Season 1 comes to a close on Monday night and star Billy Burke says the episode, “The Dark Tower,” builds to a stunning climax.

“Everything we’ve been fighting for comes into question,” Burke revealed during a conference call to promote the finale. “It all culminates in the event that’s about to take place in the tower. We all find out what we were fighting for all along may not be — physically or spiritually — what we thought we were fighting for.”

Burke calls the episode “a great way to not only cap off this season but bring us into the next.” But don’t expect him to give any hints about what might happen in Season 2. He says he’s completely in the dark: “I have not seen one line or one script from next season,” Burke says. “So I don’t have a clue what we’re going into.”

As for what else to expect from the finale, Burke promises more information about Randall will be revealed: “I can’t go into detail about it, but you’ll find out Randall’s M.O. in this last episode.” And both Randall and Tom Neville will continue to pursue their interests: “[Randall and Neville] individually have their own agendas and we will see those come to a head in the finale, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re [working] in tandem.”

Plus, the tension between Miles and Monroe isn’t likely to ease up. Instead, the long-term bond the men share could finally crack for good. “The brotherhood between them seems to be so strong that it’s overcome a lot of those [showdowns],” Burke teases. “But I don’t know how long that will continue.”

One thing that won’t be cleared up in the finale: the muddled romantic history between Miles and Rachel. “We still don’t know the timeline [of their relationship],” Burke admits. “It’s something we asked the moment it came up because it’s difficult to play stuff you don’t know. I’m as determined to find out as you are.”

It sounds like we’ll all have to wait for Season 2.

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