revolution s2 tracy spiridakos 'Revolution' Season 2: Creator Eric Kripke on the new big bad (plus an exclusive clip)Eric Kripke counts himself as a fan of “the Joss Whedon school of showrunning,” in which a season of TV is driven by a “big bad.” In the case of Kripke’s show “Revolution,” the current big bad is … the U.S. government?

The first two episodes of Season 2 have dealt in part with a group claiming to represent the exiled U.S. government returning to the mainland and promising to reunite and restore the country. Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) is highly suspicious of their agenda, and in Wednesday’s (Oct. 9) episode, you’ll see some more questionable moves by what the show calls the Patriots.

“There have been a lot of hard swallows in the writers’ room,” Kripke says about making the Patriots the villains this season. “Obviously we’re Americans — I’m a proud American — and we’re taking a lot of the patriotic iconography of the United States and we’re twisting it into something ominous and malevolent. … “You’ve got to stop and really take a gut check and think seriously about what moves we’re making and what we wanted to do.

“The important point to make … was this idea that they’re all the more hateful for draping themselves in something pure. They take these symbols that have such honorable origins and use them for their own selfish impulses.”

Kripke says he likes the idea of “bad guys who don’t look like bad guys to the rest of the world” because it allows the show to explore ideas about what American ideals really mean. “It’s given us layers of commentary — don’t tell the network we’re doing that — and it’s also given us more conspiracy and mystery to play,” he says. “… It lets us twist and turn a little bit, which is nice.”

The slow burn of the mystery also means not everyone realizes the Patriots might have bad intentions. As you can see in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and bounty hunter Adam (guest star Patrick Heusinger) may want to track down Monroe (David Lyons) for different reasons, but she’s at least willing to hear Adam’s argument on behalf of turning him over to the Patriots. Take a look:

“Revolution” airs at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday on NBC.

Posted by:Rick Porter