revolution-three-amigos.JPG“Revolution” remains unconcerned with burning through story in its second season. Wednesday’s (Jan. 8) return featured Monroe, Miles and Rachel both searching for and finding Monroe’s long-lost son; Aaron making it to the mysterious Spring City, Okla.; the continuing adventures of Charlie Matheson, unstoppable killing machine; Act II of Macbeth in the White House with Neville and his wife; and a mind-control plot on the part of the Patriots.

The crux of the episode, though, was Monroe meeting up with his son*, Conner, whom Miles secreted away to Mexico years earlier when Monroe was in his crazy-dictator phase. They meet up, finally, and it turns out nature beats nurture in this case: Like his dad, Conner is a petty tyrant, leading a drug-cartel crew that runs the small town where he lives, and dismissive of other perspectives.

(*David Lyons, who’s 37 in real life, is obviously playing somewhat older on the show, but he tells Zap2it the idea of Monroe having an adult son threw him a little: “It’s been an interesting thing to get my head around. … But I’m actually really happy with what they’ve done with the character and stuck to the actual age and not have a situation where it would be a very young son.”)

It’s clearly not the kind of reunion Monroe is hoping for, and his fatherly advice — which boils down to the Darth Vader-ish “You should be leading a bigger army, and I can show you how” — leaves much to be desired. But it’s an interesting turn for the character, who has seemingly been walking a path toward redemption this season. But he clearly hasn’t left his Gen. Monroe self behind. His story is one of the more intriguing ones on the show right now, so it will be interesting to see where the writers take him.

Quick thoughts on the other plot threads:

– Aaron’s story gave us the biggest cliffhanger in the fall finale, but his scenes this week were mostly just him walking. The reveal at the end, however — he meets Grace Beaumont, Rachel’s one-time research partner — was a pretty decent one.

– If you take one thing from this episode, let it be the appalled look on Gene’s face after Charlie dispatches the two Patriot redshirts driving the orange wagon. “What?” she says. “You asked me to help.”

– Neville and Julia continue their twisted romance/coup plot when Neville poisons the president’s chief of staff, removing one potential obstacle to the power grab. The endgame is still beyond fuzzy, though (although we do wonder what was on that list Jason found).

– The Patriots are injecting something into the oranges they’re handing out in Willoughby. So while the public may turn into a mindless mob, at least they won’t get scurvy. Still, the idea of control through consumerism is an interesting one.

What did you think of “Revolution’s” return?

Posted by:Rick Porter