revolution-dreamcatcher-recap.JPGThe last episode of “Revolution” ended with Aaron trying to introduce a virus into the nanotech’s code, effectively killing it. Naturally, it didn’t take too kindly to that, sending all kinds of sparks flying and knocking him out.

When he comes to at the start of Wednesday’s (March 5) episode, “Dreamcatcher,” he’s back in a world that had power, still married to Priscilla and running a big, fancy company (in Minneapolis, apparently, as his assistant kept asking if he wanted Timberwolves tickets and Neville’s cheesy ads all featured a 612 area code). Of course, it isn’t real — the nano was running an elaborate virtual-reality program inside his head in an attempt to get him to fix the code once and for all.

Basically, then, Aaron is in the Matrix — which the show at least had the decency to acknowledge following Charlie’s surprise appearance there. (Aaron’s bewildered “How do you know about that?” was among the better lines of the episode.) Zeljko Ivanek’s Dr. Horn plays Agent Smith to Aaron’s Neo, but unfortunately Aaron doesn’t have a Morpheus or Trinity to help him figure out the rules, other than Juliet eventually telling Aaron that if he concentrated really hard, he can control it.

That he does, seemingly inserting the virus again and waking up again back in the real world, then making the trek from Lubbock to Willoughby to meet up with his friends — only to see Juliet taken down by an enormous lightning strike, part of the “death throes” of the nano. He desperately fixes the nano code, only to learn that the nano had incepted him even harder. Now that the nano is healthy again, it’s on its merry way and won’t bother anyone until the next time the plot demands it.

The detour was reasonably interesting in and of itself. The way it played with dream logic — things appearing and disappearing, the brief cameo by Nora from somewhere deep in Aaron’s subconscious — worked pretty well, and you can imagine the actors were more than happy to play versions of their pre-blackout selves (and have different wardrobe and hair for an episode).

But ultimately, “Dreamcatcher” didn’t really take us anywhere. The nano is still out there, and Aaron’s tour of the desolate Southwest is presumably coming to an end as he treks back to Willoughby to rejoin Miles, Juliet and Co. When he gets there he’ll find the Patriots still working on their nefarious mind-control scheme, and the narrative of the show will pick up as if nothing ever happened. And considering this episode was pretty much entirely in Aaron’s head, not much really did.

What did you think of “Revolution” this week?

Posted by:Rick Porter