revolution series finale 'Revolution' series finale: A 'Declaration of Independence' from even more convoluted storiesSince “Revolution” is ending here, we’re all free to ignore the final two minutes of Wednesday’s (May 21) season-turned-series finale, in which the Nano Fireflies of Doom create an ice-cream-clown-worshiping army of brainwashees somewhere in Idaho.

And that’s probably for the best, because that thread of the Season 2 story never really got less silly, despite all attempts to make it seem as if it were just as interesting as the Patriot takeover portion of the plot. It wasn’t.

The rest of the finale, centered on one final long-shot Miles scheme, this time to kidnap the president, who happens to be Rachel’s former DoD superior, because of course. The coincidence allows Elizabeth Mitchell to get a couple great last snarls in (“What I have to say, from the bottom of my heart, is screw you”), and by gosh if the plan doesn’t end up working. A hail Mary to Gen. Blanchard from Texas gets Miles and Monroe the reinforcements they need, and Texas and its overwhelming numbers rout the Patriots.

Honestly, if the show had just focused on the political aspect of the post-blackout world this season, it would have felt like a more cohesive show. There were some interesting (if often exceptionally on-the-nose) ideas about what it really means to be an American in there, and “Revolution” was at its best when it was focusing on something closest to its title.

It was inevitable, after Season 1 ended with a catastrophe caused by turning the power back on, that the Aaron and Rachel’s experiments with nanotechnology would play some role in Season 2. But if it had left the nano to go find itself after Cynthia’s death back in the middle of the season, it wouldn’t have been the worst thing.

We’ll always have Willoughby, though, and the chemistry between Mitchell and Billy Burke (and Burke and David Lyons, for that matter), which elevated the show even at its most preposterous. It’s difficult to see how “Revolution” could have pulled off a third season of our ragtag heroes essentially fighting a zombie horde led by Neville, Truman and the president, so we’ll say our goodbyes here.

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Posted by:Rick Porter