revolution cast2 paleyfest 2013 'Revolution': The blackout's cause revealed and more Season 1.5 teases from PaleyfestThe cast and producers of “Revolution” teased a Paley Festival audience Saturday (March 2) with the first act of the show’s March 25 return, but that maybe wasn’t the most revealing thing to come out of the evening.

Series creator Eric Kripke was in a talkative mood, and he revealed several things about the second half of the season, starting with when we’ll find out the cause of the worldwide blackout.

“It’s almost avant-garde [how early] we’re revealing why the power went out,” Kripke jokes, noting the tendency of many genre shows to tease their big mysteries endlessly. That’s not the case here, he says.

“Episode 13,” Kripke promises. “I’m just saying it. I’m throwing it out there.”

Kripke explains that he doesn’t like to be “precious” about answering questions the show raises, and he and his fellow writers also realized that explaining the blackout opens the door to a lot of other possible stories.

The writers got an assist from co-executive producer and pilot director Jon Favreau in deciding when to explain the blackout. Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) knows what happened, and naturally Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Co. don’t waste much time pressing her for answers.

Favreau noted that there’s only so long Rachel could plausibly duck the question, and Kripke and the writers went with it.

Among the other things the “Revolution” crew revealed at Paleyfest:

– While other questions will be raised over the second half of the season, Kripke promises to answer everything from “why Rachel slapped Miles [Billy Burke]” to why Miles and Monroe (David Lyons) had their falling out.

– The other republics in the carved-up United States will become real places instead of just spots on a map. Kripke notes that the Georgia Federation — Leslie Hope of “24” and “The River” plays its president — will be substantially different than the Monroe Republic because of geography and climate, among other things, and the show will explore what those differences mean.

– Aaron (Zak Orth) will see his wife again, which will bring up all sorts of issues about his leaving her and how she’s survived in the decade since he left.

“Revolution” returns to NBC on Monday, March 25.

Posted by:Rick Porter