rex ryan tattoo mark sanchez tim tebow wife michelle gi Rex Ryan tattoo: Wife in Mark Sanchez jersey Tebowing with no pants on? FreakyRex Ryan is bringing a whole new level of class to the New York Jets organization with a creepy tattoo, spotted by a reporter while the coach was sunbathing in the Bahamas.

The ink appears to be a portrait of Ryan’s wife, wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez Jets jersey, and kneeling in the famous Tim Tebow prayer position.

The New York Daily News — who has a clear shot of the tat — reports Ryan ran away from the reporter when he was approached, giving him only an expletive to quote: “Oh, s***,” says the coach of the Jets’ losing season.

There was much controversy throughout the 2012 NFL season over Ryan’s choice to leave Tebow on the bench as Sanchez led the team to a 6-10 finale.

This certainly isn’t the first time Ryan has shown some freakish tendencies with regard to his wife, Michelle Ryan. Let’s not forget about a certain foot fetish video, posted online in 2010.

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