Perhaps it was inevitable, but the celebrity death hoax boomlet of the last few days has reached the Rickrolling stage.

Reports that singer Rick Astley had died were pinging around the Internet at a furious pace overnight, fueled by a convincing-looking but fake Associated Press story claiming the 43-year-old pop singer was found dead in a hotel room in Berlin.

It's just an elaborate Rickroll, though. Following the threads of the reports eventually takes you to the video for "Never Gonna Give You Up," per Rickrolling protocol. Astley is in fact alive and well, and not in Germany. He's currently on a European tour and performed Saturday in Norway; his next stop is in Denmark.

"I have just spoken with Rick, who is in Copenhagen preparing for his show on Friday evening at the Tivoli Gardens," reads a statement from Astley's manager, Tops Henderson, on Astley's official site. "I think this is somebody's idea of a joke or retribution for the Rick Rolling internet prank."

Check out video of Astley's own 2008 Thanksgiving Day Rickroll at the annual parade.

The fake news of Astley's death comes on the heels of similar hoaxes about Britney Spears, Jeff Goldblum, Miley Cyrus, Harrison Ford and others. Can we get over this now?


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Posted by:Rick Porter