Ricky Gervais is always a treat as a talk show guest and he’s historically been particularly funny on “The Daily Show.” In fact, the last time he was on TDS, he showed off video of himself where he resurrected “The Office” character David Brent.

This time around, Jon Stewart tells Gervais that he looks terrible and Gervais says he’s a fat guy at heart — he eats pizza, he gets drunk every night, he tries to run every day but then he wakes up the next morning and thinks, “Ugh, I didn’t die.”

Gervais then talks about the ways he doesn’t want to die — “I don’t want to die being squashed by a safe or something, I don’t want a comedy death. … I want it to be a cool death.”

He then says the way he really wants to live is “sitting in a bucket watching telly” while people feed him and when he dies, you can fill up the bucket with soil and grow something nice.

We love it when Gervais stops by “The Daily Show.” Season 2 of his comedy “Derek” is available now on Netflix.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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