ricky gervais nov 2011 Ricky Gervais on the Golden Globes: 'I end my career once a week'NBC has been relentlessly promoting Ricky Gervais‘ hosting gig at the Golden Globes with a “What crazy stuff will he say this time?” line.

Gervais doesn’t exactly look at it that way.

“I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings or give them a bad night, or undermine the moral fabric of America,” Gervais said Friday (Jan. 13) as he was promoting his new HBO series “Life’s Too Short” at the TV critics’ press tour. “I’m a comedian. I’d rather hear laughs than gasps, but I cherish the gasps with the laughs.”

He jokes that he initially wasn’t considering hosing the Globes, which air Sunday, a third time — until he kept reading things that said he wasn’t welcome (“So I did it to annoy them”). He’s not changing his approach of skewering Hollywood and some of his fellow Globes attendees.

“What’s the worst that could happen? I end my career once a week, if you read the press,” he says. “I only do things that could end my career now — that’s the fun, that’s my extreme sport. I think if you get final edit, which I do and I demand … and you’re happy with what you’ve done, nothing else matters. You’re bulletproof.”

Gervais does, however, seem disheartened by the notion that a handful of bookies are taking bets on which people might be the targets — he prefers the word “subjects” — of his jokes.

“What sort of a bet is that? Really?” he says. “You know, I’m going to do a monologue about the year and introduce six or seven people throughout the show, like I did last year. But I’ve got nothing against any of those people in the room. I’ve worked with many of them, I like many of them, I admire most of them. They’re just gags. …

“I think everyone took it well. I don’t know who was really outraged last year. Everyone I spoke to who I made a joke about was cool with it. … If someone says ‘I’m outraged,’ and someone [else] says ‘There was outrage,’ then there’s outrage. What did I say that was so outrageous. [Pause] Oh yeah, I just remembered.”

Posted by:Rick Porter