Gervais-Sheen-GI.jpgRicky Gervais and Charlie Sheen are no strangers to controversy, but what would happen if the two of them shared the stage of a major award show? Our heads would explode. That’s what.

“I will host The Golden Globes again, AND the Emmys, AND The Oscars if I can do it with Charlie Sheen,” Gervais jokes on his blog. “I mean it. I’d write some gags like always, intro the presenters, then after each acceptance speech I’d just chat to Charlie, who would just be sitting in an arm chair smoking, about what he thought of the result. He’d just say what’s on his incredible mind. It would be f***ing amazing.”

There are no words for what an incredible and hilarious train-wreck this could be. Quick, someone put together a video mashup of Gervais’ Golden Globes performance and Sheen’s morning TV show rounds. We’ll be waiting.

“I’d call his agent but he hasn’t got one. Do you have his dealer’s number? Oh f***, he’s clean isn’t he?” continues Gervais.

“If you bump into him in the street or when he’s being dragged around the interview circuit being exploited in the name of “news” tell him he’s got a new job.”

You hear that, Zap2it readers? Someone please track Sheen down and notify him immediately!

In the meantime, you can watch the comic’s favorite Sheen-ism here.
Gervais writes, “Oh God. You couldn’t write this. Although I wish I

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci