rielle hunter the view 062612 abc Rielle Hunter: John Edwards and I are overRielle Hunter, the woman at the heart of the scandals that turned John Edwards from a once-promising presidential hopeful into a scandal-plagued politician says things are over between her and the father of her baby.

“I don’t want to hide our relationship anymore,” she says in an appearance on Tuesday’s (June 26) “The View,” “and it’s very hard under all the media scrutiny and with all the family complications. And for me it’s taken a toll and I don’t want to hide.”

Hunter goes on to explain that Edwards’ family — he has three children from his marriage to late wife Elizabeth Edwards, a woman who Hunter trashes in her new book, “What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me.”

“Their marriage was way off way before I got there,” she says of Edwards’ marriage to his late wife, who she says was no saint. “There would be someone else sitting here if it wasn’t me.”

Still, Hunter says her book has nothing to do with her recent split from Edwards.

“It’s very painful and umm I have mixed emotions,” she says. “I think that when people break up, both sides come to the table with things to break up over so we both agreed that it’s best for us at this time.”

Though Hunter admits she still has deep feelings for the father of her child, she says the day Edwards went on TV to declare that he was not the father of her child was the “most devastating” day of her life.

Still there may be hope for the couple.

“It’s real love because I love him and I still love him and we have a wonderful, wonderful child because of this,” she says.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson