rtm hosts on white medium 'RightThisMinute' uncovers the best of the web, explores viral videos

Have you ever wondered how some videos go viral? Even the wackiest, weirdest, most bizarre clips imaginable go from just a few hundred views to millions overnight. This phenomenon is about to be explored in “RightThisMinute,” a nationally syndicated broadcast news program about to premiere its third season.

Monday (Sept. 16) marked “RightThisMinute’s” official national rollout to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more markets. “With over 1,000 episodes under our belt, we couldn’t be more pleased with this market expansion going into our third season,” executive producer Phil Alvidrez says. “We look forward to introducing ‘RightThisMinute’ and breaking the most captivating online videos, before they go viral, to a new set of viewers around the country.”

“RightThisMinute” takes a look at how videos go viral, and introduces the audience to the coolest online videos before they go viral. With a 24-hour news staff that uncovers videos when they have 100 or so views, you can watch with “RightThisMinute” as that number ticks up to millions in record time.

Check out an episode of “RightThisMinute” below, and click here to find out where you can watch:

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum