rihanna 777 tour getty Rihanna apologizes for making journalists miserable on tour but would do it againYou think you’re having a rough week? Imagine being one of the 250 journalists and contest winners spending the week traveling the globe with Rihanna, staying in beautiful hotels, and seeing her perform seven times! Now that is true hardship.

Yes, Rihanna invited a large group of press to tour with her for one week on board a 777 Boeing aircraft, visiting seven countries for seven performances in seven days. The press isn’t having a super fun time, despite their lavish accommodations and the free trip.

Here are their complaints:
1. They’re hardly getting to spend any time with Rihanna. She’s on the same plane as them, but other than throwing a mile-high champagne party on the first day, she hasn’t been in a mingling mood.
2. Not enough sleep. “The hotels are beautiful, but we’re only sleeping two or three hours in them – four, tops,” says one Rolling Stone writer.
3. The concerts are getting boring. “Every concert is a re-run episode that we’re forced to watch, each with diminishing returns. The only real difference is found within one of her most popular applause lines: ‘What up, Mexico City?’ ‘What up, Toronto?’ ‘What up, Stockholm?'”
4. Rihanna is… struggling to perform. “I hesitate to say that she looked visibly drunk or generally ‘on some of the hard s***’ during her performances, so let me just say that we came to expect a three hour delay before she went on every night,” one attendee tells Gawker.
5. Nudity! A radio shock-jock streaked on board the plane, perhaps to alleviate the concert-induced boredom.
6. She’s late. Rihanna threw the 777 tour group an after party, but according to Billboard, “Rih strutted into the club close to 3 a.m. and was then joined by
Diddy, Cassie, Omarion, Pharrell, Akon and more famous friends.”
7. Mutiny! “Out of nowhere, the chants grew louder and significant: ‘Save. My.
Job!’ Everyone, starting with media, made their insanity public at
the same time. Chants transitioned from ‘Save our jobs!’ ‘Just one
quote!’ to ‘We need headlines!'” says Billboard.
8. Inadequate facilities. “A frequent complaint on the trip? Some variation of “I want a glass
of water so badly, but I guess I should be glad I don’t, because then
I’d have to pee,” Gawker says.

On Tuesday, the final day of the trip, Rihanna apologized to the 150 journalists and the fans. “Usually I go, go, and go. And this time I had to sleep,” she explained. “Usually I would be back here partying my balls off for y’all but I really had to pay attention and take care of my health because I’m on the plane all the time.”

But apparently she didn’t quite understand their strife, because she added, “I’d f***ing do this again.” On stage that night, she also announced: “Haters are liars!”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie