rihanna ignores brown Rihanna ignores Chris Brown at pre Valentine's Day party: Is their romance over?

So much for all that cuddling at the Grammys, because a new report says that Rihanna and Chris Brown were anything but romantic the night before Valentine’s Day. Both pop stars went to Popular Demand’s 1-Year Anniversary party at the Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles on Feb. 13, but onlookers said they didn’t acknowledge one another throughout the night.

“Rihanna refused to sit with or even near Chris — and when Chris noticed she was there, he made a huge show of rubbing his presence in her face,” a source tells Daily Mail. “He promptly ordered three more bottles of ace of spades which came out with in a procession of sparklers and scantily clad cocktail waitresses, causing a spectacle, which he clearly wanted Rihanna to see.”

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Apparently Rihanna hadn’t realized that Brown was going to be at the event, and turned down the opportunity to be seated with him when the VIP coordinators offered. Rihanna and Brown arrived and left separately, and Daily Mail writes they “never once communicated with each other during the course of the evening as they sat across the room from one another.”

Of course, it was a very different story at the Grammys only days before. Brown and Rihanna went as one another’s dates and were photographed looking cozy in the Staples Center. At that time, Rihanna was allegedly ignoring former BFF Katy Perry, who reportedly “doesn’t approve of Rihanna dating Brown.

Rihanna didn’t spend her Valentine’s Day bored, though. She tweeted, “Love me…I’m #DOPE” along with a picture that read, “Mary Jane will be my Valentine.” She also posted an image of what looked like a marijuana plant and tweeted, “Roses are green! Somebody knows how to make me happy.”

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Both Brown and Rihanna had similar Valentine’s Day messages for their fans. She wrote, “Happy Valentines Day. Today the day fa lovin not hatin so to cats like you and I it’s just another day…” while he posted, “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all the beautiful women in the world. Our Queens….. Our mothers, sisters, and daughters. I love you.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz