rihanna nude barbados balcony bikini instagram Rihanna nude photos snapped Kate Middleton style on Barbados vacationIt seems Rihanna got the Kate Middleton treatment during her Christmas vacation in Barbados, as photos have surfaced online of the “Nobodies Business” singer alternating between bikini and nudity on a holiday home balcony.

Rihanna is pictured bending over to flash her rear end at the camera, and seen completely nude from the side with a bird’s eye view of her breasts. It appears she was changing from one bikini to another when the nude photos were snapped. It’s not clear if Rihanna knew the photos were being taken, but in some shots she seems to be looking right at the photographer.

The very NSFW photos can be seen here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

One thing Rihanna’s doing that we haven’t seen Kate Middleton do is smoke — er, uh, some type of “cigarette.” Of course none of this is anything new, as Rihanna frequently posts nude photos of herself to the photo-sharing site, Instagram, and has been snapped many times smoking marijuana.

During Rihanna’s Barbados vacation, she also made a good will visit to a hospital that renamed a wing after the pop star’s late grandmother after a hefty donation from RiRi. Of course, she hurried right back home to Los Angeles to spend a PDA-filled Christmas Day with her on-again, off-again love, Chris Brown.

Rihanna hasn’t tweeted any response to the nude photo leak, but she did post a photo of herself on the beach as part of a Barbados tourism campaign. Something tells us these new photos might help boost tourism a little more though.

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