rihanna topless twitter Rihanna posts a topless pic. Won't somebody please pay attention to her?Rihanna has been a very busy girl. What with taking swipes at ex Chris Brown‘s new gal pal, jumping on the #StopKony bandwagon and trying to ignore the fact that her dad thinks she’s fat. It’s amazing that she has time for anything else. But you can’t keep an exhibitionist down.

Taking to her preferred social media outlet, Twitter, Rihanna posted a topless pic of herself with the caption, “Where have you been all my life?”

Between a carefully placed arm and something that looks like a cross between a “Secret Circle” voodoo power totem and a Barbie doll scalp, RiRi’s modesty is for all-practical-purposes still intact.

The photo was taken on the set for her next video, “Where Have You Been” and appears to have been an attempt to keep boredom at bay.

“Video shoot going MAJAH!!!,” Rihanna tweeted. “Longest day everrr tho!!!”

Posted by:Brill Bundy