rihanna restraining order Rihanna: Restraining order granted against home invading fan

Rihanna‘s wish for a restraining order has come to pass. After an “obsessed fan” was caught trying to break into her home, a judge has approved a temporary restraining order preventing the man from coming within 100 yards of her.

TMZ reports that Steveland Barrow was arrested recently after trying to break into Rihanna’s neighbor’s Pacific Palisades, Calif. home. If you’re wondering why it was Rihanna who got the restraining order and not the people next to her, it’s because Barrow allegedly thought he was trying to break into her place.

Even creepier, Barrow is said to have slept in the bed he thought was RiRi’s and stole property from the house. He told police he was invited into the home, and is now nowhere to be found after being released from custody. Rihanna claims in her legal documents that she “fears for her safety” — and it sounds like it’s for good reason.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz