rihanna donates 1.75 million gi Rihanna slams UK journalist over unflattering article: 'Sad sloppy menopausal mess'As Rihanna‘s proven, one shouldn’t write a rather hateful opinion piece about a singer who recently titled an album “Unapologetic” and expect said singer to take it lying down. The UK’s Daily Mail writer Liz Jones is learning that the hard way.

Jones earned RiRi’s wrath when, on Monday (June 24), she wrote an article trashing the “Diamonds” singer, calling her “pop’s poisonous princess” and a “toxic role model.” In Jones’ opinion, Rihanna ought to be ashamed of herself for going back to Chris Brown (okay, maybe she has a point there) and for promoting “drug-taking, drinking and the sort of fashion sense on stage that surely invites rape at worst, disrespect at least.” Slut-shaming, much?

The tirade doesn’t stop there. Jones continues, asking, “Is it fair that we berate female stars for being bad, when we don’t admonish men in the same way?” (Why, no, no it isn’t, Liz. Oh, you don’t want my opinion? Oh, you’re going to answer for yourself in just a second? Okay.)

“Yes, it is fair. Because young women are far more impressionable than young men,” Jones answers immediately, without offering any proof to back up that slanted, sexist assertion because there probably isn’t any.

“While Rihanna knows when to tone it down in order to pull in advertising deals and keep her record label sweet — so much so that she has enough dollar bills to use them as a carpet, and so many diamonds she can pretend to smoke them in a spliff, both things she’s been pictured doing — the message she’s sending to her young fans, through her explicit lyrics, vile dance moves and pictures on Twitter, is utterly toxic,” Jones continues, now throwing shade at Rihanna’s success.

The “Stay” singer did not let hold back when it came time to respond. She took to the Instagram account that Jones seems to troll so frequently to share an unflattering photo of the journalist, accompanied by a written response:

“LOL!!!! My money got a bad habit of pissing people off!! If you sincerely wanna help little girls more than their own parents do, here’s a toxic tip: don’t be amateur with your articles, you sound bitter! What’s all this about hair and nail and costumes and tattoos?? … That s*** ain’t clever!!! That s*** ain’t journalism! That’s a sad sloppy menopausal mess!!! Nobody over here acts like they’re perfect! I don’t pretend that I’m like you, I just live… My live!! And I don’t know why y’all still act so surprised by any of it!! ‘Role Model’ is not a position or title that I have ever campaigned for, so chill wit dat! I got my own f***ed up s*** to work on, I’ll never portray that as perfect, but for right now it’s ME!! Call it what ya want!! Toxic was cute, Poisonous Pop Princess had a nice ring to it, just a lil wordy! And P.S. my first American Vogue cover was in 2011…APRIL!!! #ElizabethAnnJones”

Whose side are you taking in this nasty war of words? Let us know in the comments.

Posted by:Billy Nilles