rihanna straddles chris brown Rihanna straddles Chris Brown in new Twitter photo   The PDA has gone too far

Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together. We get it. They’re happy and in love and glad to put the past behind them. But their reunion has angered a lot of people due to the fact that, the last time they were an item, Brown brutally beat Rihanna in a situation that went very, very public. Rihanna filed a restraining order against Brown soon after the 2009 incident and the former couple were openly at odds for a while after that.

Yes, time and perspective change things and maybe Brown is different now (or maybe not), but all these Twitter pictures RiRi has been posting of her sexy reunion with Brown have become too much. First there were the topless photos she tweeted of the both of them and now she has debuted the above image of her straddling Brown. Really? The world needs to see this? Rihanna and Brown are both adults and can be a part of whatever relationship they want, but their over-the-top Twitter PDA is a bit excessive.

Also, if these two are so hell bent on showing the world how on-again they are, they probably should stop denying their relationship every time it’s brought up by the press. When Brown was asked if he and Rihanna are dating again earlier this month, he answered, “No, and that’s just a quick, a quick answer.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz