rihanna chris brown topless Rihanna tweets topless photos of Chris Brown and herself

If Rihanna and Chris Brown really are trying to keep their rekindled relationship a secret, they’re doing a terrible job of it. Between spending Thanksgiving together in Berlin to collaborating on a song called “Nobodies Business,” they’ve seemingly flaunted the fact that they’re back together again.

Now RiRi has added further fuel to the fire by tweeting a picture on Nov. 24 of Brown lying topless next to the Bart Simpson jacket he’d posted a picture of earlier in the day. “#BartObsessed,” Rihanna tweeted along with the image.

The following day, Rihanna tweeted another topless picture, except this time it featured herself. “#LondonNightLife” was the hashtag this time around. This is far from Rihanna’s first topless Twitter picture, as it seems like she posts more images of herself with her shirt off than on nowadays. As for Brown, he also can’t seem to keep his shirt on for the life of him. Maybe these two really are made for each other?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz