chris brown rihanna assault blackface high school pep rally skit Rihanna's Chris Brown assault done in blackface for high school pep rally skitThis just in from the Unbelievable News Desk.

Students at Waverly High School in Waverly, N.Y. have caused a local stir and now made national news headlines for a skit performed during a pep rally’s “Mr. Waverly” contest, which is the high school’s equivalent of a Homecoming King title.

According to CNN ireporter Matthew Dishler, a graduate of Waverly High School, the skit featured a re-enactment of rapper Chris Brown’s February 2009 assault of singer and then-girlfriend Rihanna. The skit did not win.

Reportedly, parents, teachers and administrators were all present at the pep rally and let the skit continue uninterrupted. Furthermore, Dishler reports that the Mr. Waverly skits had to be approved by the school prior to the pep rally.

Superintendent Joseph Yelich says he has received complaints about the skit and has released a statement:

The Waverly School District is committed to creating a positive atmosphere through our activities. I will be working with our building administrators, our staff and our students to examine our current activities and develop future activities consistent with our commitment. Ultimately, our administrators are going to need to meet with the whole student body to set clear expectations for our behavior and the impact it has on all people.

However, some students are coming to the defense of the skit. Ryan Bronson, a 2011 graduate who was present at the pep rally, tells Dishler, “It’s complete bogus that people were offended by it and it’s making national news.”

Bronson also wrote a rap about it. It’s a bit hard to understand, but here are some snippets:

All you people talkin’ s*** you should probably get your facts straight … You’re so sensitive … no way that that’s racist, are you kidding me? … You people are the reason racism is still alive … I’m not racist in any way, I’m just saying there’s p***ies in the world today.

So many things.

First of all, there are the obvious ones of doing a skit reenacting a famous assault against a woman, plus the fact that the white kids doing the skit painted themselves to look African-American.

But then, there’s also — nobody watching — no adults — thought they should stop this? And what on earth was funny about this skit? How would it help someone win Mr. Waverly? And this assault happened over 3.5 years ago, so, way to be up on current events?

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