Ever since it was revealed yesterday that there will be a collaboration between Rihanna and Chris Brown on her upcoming album, fans have been dying to hear what it would sound like. Well, we didn’t have to wait long. A snippet of the upcoming track, “Nobodies Business,” has been revealed, and it’s easy to read way too much into the lyrics.

“You’ll always be the one that I wanna come on to/Boy let me love you and show you how’s spice show you off/I wanna be your baby, you’ll always be my baby/Tell me what you want now,” Rihanna sings on the song.

Is it too much to assume that Rihanna and Brown are talking about their own relationship in this single? They’d probably argue that it’s “nobodies business,” and for now we’ll let that slide. The full track will debut along with Rihanna’s new album, “Unapologetic,” on Nov. 19. Hopefully at that point someone will be able to get Rihanna talk about the story behind this very revealing song.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz