ringer finale season 2 sarah michelle gellar 'Ringer' finale sets up Season 2 with a cliffhanger endingThough The CW has yet to announce any pick-ups for their Fall 2012 season, “Ringer” producers seem pretty confident that they’ll be included in the new schedule if Tuesday’s season 1 finale was any indication. Though some loose ends were tied up and secrets revealed, the episode presented more questions than it did answers.

Most importantly, Bridget finally revealed to Andrew that she’s not Siobhan. Though she’d been planning to spill the beans anyway, it was ultimately a forced confession, revealed when Gemma’s father told Andrew about Siobhan’s extended affair with Henry. Though Andrew was initially hostile toward Bridget — who Siobhan had always described as a hopeless case — he ultimately admitted that he loved her. They’ve still got some serious issues to work out, though.

Meanwhile, Siobhan learned that Henry wasn’t the father of her children, but of course, she kept that information from him. Unfortunately, he was totally on to her, and had been siphoning money out of her accounts. He called off their relationship and their “new life,” leaving Siobhan out on her own, her own worst enemy.

Siobhan was compelled to return to the home she shared with Andrew, but her timing could not have been worse. Siobhan was intercepted by Bodaway, and he nearly took her out, believing her to be Bridget, in a neat parallel to the pilot episode. Fortunately, Bridget showed up in time to shoot and kill Bodaway — though Siobhan managed to slip out without Bridget ever seeing her. (Yes, it was bizarre to us, too.)

Just when we thought the finale would end with Bridget still unaware of Siobhan’s puppeteering, she was shown footage from the fateful day she and her sister took a boat ride, revealing that Siobhan had never committed suicide at all. Henry twisted his knife in Siobhan’s back one more time, telling Bridget everything he knew about Siobhan’s plan to have her killed.

Now that most of the major secrets are out in the open, the audience is left still craving that much-anticipated encounter between Siobhan and Bridget. Unfortunately, it’s not looking particularly likely that the show will see a second season. Our friends over at TV By The Numbers know their stuff, and believe that “Ringer” is the show most likely to be canceled by The CW come May.

For those of you keeping track, The CW will announce its fall schedule on May 17, and you can bet that Zap2it will be working overtime to get you the news the moment it’s released.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie