Ioan Gruffudd.jpgWe were lucky enough to get a chance to chat with “Ringer” star Ioan Gruffudd, who blew us away with his charm. We got a sneak peek at what’s coming up in tonight (Feb. 21) episode entitled “Whores Don’t Make That Much,” his feelings on playing the bad guy and the big twist that is on it’s way.

Gruffudd explains, “When I initially sat down with Sarah Michelle (Gellar) and the creators, they had assured me that what was on the page in the pilot was going to develop and certainly that he was going to go down a path that was a lot more ambiguous than what was on the page in the pilot,” he says. “In the pilot, he was a relatively good guy, except for the one little phone call that he had, where he wanted to call something off.  Now we still haven’t revealed with that is and we’re shooting almost the penultimate episode. Certainly things that you haven’t seen on the screen … I’ve gone down, I wouldn’t say a darker route, but he has been lying about a couple of things. And they do reveal his character. But he also has a chance to redeem himself.”

He talks about how far Andrew will go. “The network wants us all to be good guys, really. The main characters. And we can sort of invite in guest stars to play the inherently evil or crazy parts,” he laughs. “They don’t want to alienate the audience.

Gruffudd said some of the tweets about Andrew being “hot when he’s angry” totally made his day. Though he won’t join Twitter, he does hear about your comments and he loves them.

We asked him about the connection between Olivia (Jaime Murray) and Andrew. He says, “You won’t necessarily see their physical back story. We’ll have to imagine some of that, to be honest with you. But things happen between them that suggests that there was a closer relationship in the past. Not necessarily a physical one, but a friendship that’s sort of gone south. I hope I’m not putting a red herring on it, because I think people are going to be very satisfied with what actually happens between Andrew and Olivia.”

“I’m glad people have gone down that road because they’re going to be so pleasantly surprised when they get to this episode.” Gruffudd says it will all go down in episode 20. 

He gives us a bit of a sneak peek at this week’s episode, “Whores Don’t Make That Much,” saying that there is “something that will blow your mind.” He says, “Even though we think the case is over, there is another twist to the case that’s revealed literally this episode or the episode after that will blow your mind.”

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