ringer full cast 'Ringer': Producers preview of 'It's Easy To Cry, When This Much Cash Is Involved'It’s hard to believe “Ringer” is already on episode 13! On Tuesday (Feb. 14), the show is back with an all new episode called, “It’s Easy to Cry, When This Much Cash is Involved.” In our preview clip, producers Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder discuss Bridget’s mission to retrace Siobhan’s footsteps.

In the episode, Bridget visits some of the last locations
Siobhan went before she disappeared and discovers that Siobhan kept a
secret office. Olivia (guest star Jamie Murray) finds out some
information about Henry and blackmails him into
introducing her to Gemma’s (Tara Summers) wealthy father Tim Arbogast
(guest star Gregory Harrison). Meanwhile, in Paris, Tyler (guest star
Justin Bruening) struggles with a moral decision that could affect
Siobhan and Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd).

What info are you guys dying to find out before the season ends? How are you feeling about finally seeing Tim Arbogast? Check out another clip from this week’s episode here. “Ringer” airs Tuesday nights on The CW.

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