ringer sarah michelle gellar 320 'Ringer' recap: Beer Bad, Blood BadderHey, you came back! Me, too, and not just because I’m afraid of Tubey (although I am a little, because…well, pointy demon tail). Buffy came back too, but we’re still pretending she’s Bridget and — to a lesser extent — Siobhan. So let’s get to it, shall we? The show picks up right where it left off last week, with Bridget in the loft, trying to figure out what to do with the body of Siobhan’s would-be killer. If you would just be Buffy, Bridget, maybe the body would poof away. No fuss. No mess. No forensic evidence.

Anyhow, as Bridget is struggling to move the corpse, Gemma lets herself in the loft, because Bridget is there at Gemma’s behest to talk about Henry’s cheating heart, remember? Gemma notices the broken dry wall that Bridget and the hit man crashed through in the first episode, but she chalks it up to a clumsy contractor. She decides they should fire the current one and hire a new one, but warns “Siobhan” that it will take a few days. Bridget is eager for time alone in the loft to deal with Dead Guy, so she readily agrees.

At home she’s packing up what I can’t not think of as Buffy’s weapon bag to go back and clean up the loft, but Andrew doesn’t want his pregnant wife going out so late alone for a “walk” and he’s stressed out because he and Juliet had a fight and now she’s incommunicado. He insists his “wife” gets some sleep. “It’s not just you anymore, Shiv. You have to think for two, now.” To say the least.

The rest of the episode continues in much the same vein, with Bridget trying to get somewhere, first to the loft to dispose of the corpse and then out of town to meet up with Malcolm (to whom she has confessed killing the guy who was after Siobhan), but nothing is going Bridget’s way. Well wait, things at the bank totally go her way. When she can’t figure out Siobhan’s ATM password, the bank manager has her in his office where he gladly offers her all of Siobhan’s money — not from the checking account; there’s hardly any in there (which I mention because I wonder if it will matter later), but from Siobhan’s secret emergency-only account. Bridget quips about wondering if a shoe sale at Bergdorf’s meets that definition and walks out with an entire bag full of money.

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