ringer sarah michelle gellar 320 'Ringer' recap: Big Sister Is WatchingBridget spends much of the episode with Solomon, trying to retrace the Siobhan’s steps before her “death.” He’s helping her, because Bridget-as-Shiv (or Bridget-as-Shiv-as-Cora) tells him she’s newly clean and sober, and has a lot of holes in her memory. This is one of the truer things anyone says, all episode long. Meanwhile, Siobhan works on repairing her relationship with Henry — with lies, when she should be using duct tape. Andrew, Catherine, and an attorney prepare Juliet to give her testimony against Mr. “Logan Echolls” Carpenter.

In a courthouse bathroom, Tessa cries to Juliet she can’t testify against Logan, because he never did anything to her. She was just lying to get revenge on him for siding with Juliet in their feud. When Tessa leaves, Juliet runs after her, and Andrea then exits one of the stalls. She’s overheard the whole thing. She runs to Andrew and tells him what Tessa said.

Since Tessa won’t testify against Logan, the case is dropped. Later, the attorney tells Andrew that Logan plans to sue him for defamation of character. Incensed, Andrew wants to countersue, but the attorney advises against it. Catherine thinks Andrew should settle, for Juliet’s sake. Later, Bridget-as-Siobhan says the same thing.

Bridget’s Siobhan-search leads her to Shiv’s secret Harlem office, where Shiv is hiding in a storage closet, gun in hand! Although Bridget gets the closet opened, she doesn’t see Shiv, and Shiv doesn’t shoot her. Before Bridget leaves, she finds a key taped under Shiv’s desk, so she takes it, along with a Main Street address (which Solomon can’t identify). Before the episode is over, Shiv sneaks into Park Ave., has an awkward moment with Andrew, and retrieves the key.

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