Well, Ringlets, this is it for the first season (shhh, don’t spoil my
delusions ’til May). The wine is breathing. The bubble bath is foamy.
Let’s do this. You ready? Okay.

We open with Bridget dreaming about renewing Siobhan and Andrew’s
vows. She hesitates when she has to say, “I, Siobhan Martin,” and she
doesn’t even know how evil Shiv is…yet. It seems that in her Nice
Buffy persona, Bridget retains her slayer essence, since this dream is
somewhat prophetic; Bodaway Macawi crashes the wedding.

After waking with a start, Bridget vows to all and sundry (okay,
mostly to herself, her NA group and Solomon) that she’s going to come
clean with Andrew. And she tries, she truly does, but then Andrew goes
all Welsh Rarebit on her, telling her about the poem he found while he
was writing his vows, and how he’ll see me Nice Buffy her in every poem and work of art and SCHMOOPY LOVEY SIGH SIGH.

Somewhere in there, Officer Jimmy escapes prison and travels to New
York. He’s waiting for Bridget-as-Shiv (whom he thinks is Shiv) at Park
Ave. He wants some getaway money and figures Bridget-as-Shiv is
motivated to pay up, because Bodaway Macawi doesn’t know Bridget Kelly
has an identical twin. If she doesn’t give him the cash, Jimmy will tell
Macawi that Siobhan is Bridget, which — you know — she is.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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