ringer sarah michelle gellar 320 'Ringer' recap:  I Gave Him My Whole Heart And He Just Crushed ItGemma is still on the rage-fueled tear that started in the Hampton’s, when she overheard Henry and Bridget discussing the affair and “Shiv’s” pregnancy. She reviews their holiday videos, as she tries to come to terms with Henry’s infidelity and decide if she’s dealing with Bridget or Siobhan. When she spots footage of Shiv sporting the scar she got when she burnt herself in cooking class, she tracks down Bridget, examines her wrist, and decides Bridget’s confession is truthful, if incredible.

Gemma, understandably, wants a divorce, but she doesn’t want Henry to get a dime of her money. There’s an infidelity clause in the Bickerson’s pre-nup. If Gemma can get irrefutable proof that Henry cheats, she can get rid of him, while keeping her money and full custody of their twins. She has done her research on Bridget and knows she’s a “drug addict, stripper, whore.” Gemma has made plans to be out for the evening, and gives Bridget an ultimatum: sleep with Henry, by midnight, or Gemma will give both Andrew and Agent Machado an earful.

Bridget resists, because why go out for burgers when you have prime rib at home. She resists taking a handful of whatever pills she finds in the Martin’s penthouse, too, and goes off to an NA meeting in Brooklyn, where she meets a new potential sponsor. That’s probably a good thing, as Macawi is still holding Malcolm prisoner back in Wyoming, and still shooting him full of junk. I liked Malcolm early on, but if this is all they’re going to have him do, they should just kill him off and wrap up the Wyoming wing of the story. Anyhow, Juliet follows Bridget, who she assumes has gone to NA to find a way to ship her (Juliet) off to rehab.

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