ringer sarah michelle gellar 320 'Ringer' recap: I Knew It!We pick up right where we left off last week — right after Catherine drugged Bridget. Bridget collapses and drops the hitman’s cell phone under a chair. Catherine puts an unconscious Bridget in the tub, turns the water on and leaves — leaving behind a suicide note from Shiv, and a note that she (Catherine) has gone to therapy. Too little too late, Crazy Cattie. She has to return to the scene of the crime, though, because she realizes she no longer has the hitman’s cell in her purse. Andrew comes home while Cattie is still searching for it. She does her best to keep him out of his bedroom and bath, but he finally rescues Bridget-as-Shiv.

Catherine holds the couple at gunpoint, but never fear! Agent Victor “Guyliner” Machado is riding to the rescue. Sadly, he’s intercepted by his fellow Feds, who haul him into the field office just to tell him how much all the Feds think he sucks. They’re sending him back to Why-Oh-Why-Wyoming, where storylines go to die. Guyliner manages to convince Chief Fed In Charge to send someone by the Martin’s place, but while two inept agents visit, they only speak with Andrew in the living room, while Cattie is holding Bridget hostage in another room. Since the characters on this show all lack peripheral vision, they never catch on to the fact that something is up. Of course, that doesn’t excuse the fact that the Feds never even look around the place. It does explain why it took them so long to find Whitey Bulger, though.

Soon, Juliet arrives home and learns the extent of her mother’s psychopathy or sociopathy, or possibly both. Then, it happens. Catherine gets a phone call from someone she calls, “Baby,” and I shout out, “I KNEW IT,” which is one of the pure joys of watching a crazy show like Ringer. It’s Olivia on the other end of the line! She and Cattie have been in (partial) cahoots. Olivia’s more greedy than crazy though, so after failing to talk Catherine down, she writes her off.

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