ringer sarah michelle gellar 320 'Ringer' recap: I'm Taking A Bullet For You...Ringlets, I’m sorry, but what was that mess? I feel like I watched 40 minutes of exposition and two minutes of new story. The show is being miserly with revelations. I wish every show runner in the world would sit down and watch the first season of The Vampire Diaries to learn how to build suspense and keep the plot twisting, while still rewarding the audience for tuning in. I hope I feel differently when I watch this week’s Ringer again (and again) while writing up the full weecap, but right now, I am not a happy Scooby. Here, have some “high” lights.

Malcolm is missing. Agent Victor “Guyliner” Machado looks for him. Bridget and Solomon look for him. Andrew looks for him, or at least tries to cover his tracks and swipe the security footage from Malcolm’s hotel, but Bridget and Solomon get to it first. Guyliner is a distant third, but he does at least learn that Andrew was looking for the footage, too. Guyliner also discovers that the late Tyler Boytoy was going to blow the whistle on Martin/Charles Financial’s Ponzi scheme.

By the way, Malcolm seems to have been staying at some “affordable” Manhattan hotel, but last week, we saw Andrew outside the ritzy SoHo Diamond (which is where Tyler was staying when he was killed). The next time we saw Andrew I think was when he showed up at Malcolm’s room which, granted, looked like budget accommodations. So while I’m not surprised Malcolm wasn’t staying at the Diamond, I’m starting to feel like the show is messing with us too much — not in a clever way, but in a way that makes me want to disengage. If what I’m seeing on my screen doesn’t matter — why bother watching at all?

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