ringer sarah michelle gellar 320 'Ringer' recap: It's In The CardsWe pick up right where we left off, last week. Agent Victor “Guyliner” Machado goes after the gunman who aimed at Bridget, but shot Andrew. He gets away, but not before Guyliner nearly rips off the perp’s back pocket. A tarot card — the Tower — falls out. The FBI guys trace it back to a dry cleaning shop. No. I’m not drinking anything stronger than pink lemonade. I swear.

While Andrew is in surgery, Bridget and Juliet sweat it out at the hospital. Don’t worry. He lives. By episode’s end, he is home in his own bed and he and Bridget are all lovey-dovey again. While Andrew is still under the knife, though, Juliet calls Henry “Tool Belt” Butler and asks him to bring some things to her. When Bridget-as-Shiv explains that Andrew took a bullet for her, Henry realizes that perhaps Real Shiv has been blowing smoke up his ass about Andrew trying to kill her. Back at his place, Henry tells off Shiv and kicks her to the curb. Oh no. If he keeps smartening up, I might have to stop calling him Tool Belt.

Henry asks his father-in-law, Tim Arbogast, to take the invisible twins for the weekend. When Tim picks them up, Henry tells him that he should take his money out of Martin Charles. We later learn that to convince Tim of the Ponzi scheme, Henry gave him the flash drive. That’s because Henry killed Tyler “Boytoy” Barrett, but it was an accident, which I’ll explain in the recap. Really, if you ask me, that murder rests squarely at the feet of hotel housekeeping.

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