ringer sarah michelle gellar 320 Ringer recap: My Bologna Has A First Name. <i>Its GEMMA!</i>The big news first: Gemma lives! The Butler twins exist; they are ginger and adorable. NA Charlie’s real name is John ICan’tRememberHisLastName. Bridget realizes she’s falling in love with Andrew. Andrew seems aware that not all of Martin/Charles Financial’s dealings are on the up and up, but now that his “wife” is nice, he’s maybe ready to clean up his act. This displeases Olivia, who, against Andrew’s wishes and behind his back, manipulates Henry, so she can get closer to Gemma’s ailing dad’s money. Also, when Olivia gets a moment alone with Henry’s cell phone, she finds a tellingly cozy photo of Henry and Shiv, so she e-mails it to herself.

As for the rest of it? Well, NA Charlie is keeping Gemma bound, gagged and blindfolded in the basement of his real house. Remember how Bridget brought a jonesing Malcolm to Charlie’s apartment? Well, that’s his fake flat. Mal twigs to this early on, when he notices Charlie has alcohol-laden mouthwash in his bathroom (which people in recovery eschew). Additionally, Mal notices the TV remote hasn’t been used. The batteries or battery compartment, or perhaps the remote itself (sorry my notes suck) are/is still wrapped in plastic. Malcolm lets Bridget know something’s fishy with her new sponsor.

Bridget decides to go see Siobhan’s therapist. She wants to understand why Siobhan killed herself. The therapist is surprised that “Shiv” booked her appointment under her real name. Bridget declares herself the new “Shiv” and manages to get the therapist to confirm that the alias Siobhan used was “Cora” (the name Tyler called her, when she met him at dinner last week). It is during this session that Bridget realizes she is falling in love with Andrew.

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