ringer sarah michelle gellar 320 'Ringer' recap: Tea for TwoHenry is arrested for Tyler’s murder, but gets out on bail. Trying to make things better, Actual-Shiv bribes Oksana (the maid who let Henry into Tyler Boytoy’s hotel room) into recanting. Oksana takes the money, but brings it and the incriminating information right to New York’s finest. The cops haul Bridget-as-Shiv in for questioning. Poor Bridget didn’t bribe the maid, so she has no clue what’s going on, but she now suspects Tool Belt is responsible for Boytoy’s murder.

Meanwhile, Tim Arbogast has gotten Child Protective Services to remove the invisi-twins from Henry’s home and place them in his own. Our poor old Tool Belt confronts his father-in-law, learns Tim knows about Henry’s affair with Siobhan and suspects him in Gemma’s death. In other news, Tim brings the flash drive to Andrew and tells him he’s going to save Martin/Charles.

Catherine tries to kill herself, either because she’s afraid she’s going to be caught, or maybe just because it’s Tuesday. It’s certainly not because she feels bad for manipulating her child into making a fake rape claim, just to rip of Andrew to the tune of ten million bucks. Juliet gets to say the episode title to Mommy though, so it’s all good.

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