ringer sarah michelle gellar 320 'Ringer' recap: The WireWe pick up right where we left off last week, so I’m not sure Bridget has even been in New York for three weeks, yet. The ultrasound shows that Bridget’s womb is suffering from a surprising lack of baby. The ultrasound scene shows that Bridget is suffering from a surprising lack of poker face, especially when you consider that she is a recovering addict/ex-stripper/possible-prostitute. All three of those stations in life require acting chops, no? Besides all that, she is on the lam from the law and the lawless, has killed a man with a cop’s gun and assumed her socialite twin’s life. I mean, really, B. You’re lucky my poor Andrew is too devastated to notice. Bridget explains away her unpregnancy (is too a word) by saying she did have a little spotting, but thought it was normal. Yay, that’s over! Boo, that’s over! Can you tell I’m torn? I truly believe the crazier this show gets, the better it will be, so part of me wants them to leave no shark unjumped (is too a word), but in my gut, I guess I think this is for the best. Buffy and I have enough to worry about.

At home Juliet seems genuinely saddened to learn that she won’t have to share Daddy’s time, love and money with a wee usurper — not that she’ll have access to Daddy’s dosh for quite some time, anyhow. At school, Juliet puts the moves on Mr. “Logan Echolls” Carpenter. He wisely transfers her out of his class. By episode’s end, though, Juliet joins an after-school club (“The Young Samaritans”) that Logan leads. [Buckle up, kids. Daddy’s putting the hammer down! –Spike]

Malcolm stupidly uses his credit card to pay for his hotel room. Bridget sneaks out to meet him. She tries to get him to stay in a better hotel. He tries to get her to run away with him. Oh, Malcolm. She’s living on Park Ave. with Andrew, for heaven’s sake. Sober up and get a clue. Bridget leaves him some money, which ends up right in his arm. When the cops see activity on his credit card, they go to the hotel and pick him up. Agent “Guyliner” Machado tells them to let him sleep it off and then set him free, because he’s convinced Malcolm will lead them to Bridget.

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