ringer sarah michelle gellar 320 'Ringer' recap: Trying To Get The Feeling, AgainJuliet’s mother crashes at Park Ave and is abominable to Bridget, because, like everyone else, Catherine (Andrea Roth) thinks Bridget is Shiv. But later, Catherine is abominable to Juliet, as well, even though she doesn’t think Juliet is Shiv. There’s some security cam footage that could lead one to believe that Juliet has faked the charges against Mr. “Logan” Carpenter. Henry and Bridget find this disturbing. Catherine finds this reason to burn her daughter’s baby photos.

Meanwhile, Bridget is reminded that Shiv liked anagrams, and so she starts mixing up letters of every word she comes across, to try to figure out what Shiv was up to, before she “died.” She calls the Hotel Pivoine, in Paris, and has enough fake knowledge to get the concierge to confirm Shiv has been a guest there, under the name Cora Farrell, but without Cora’s credit card number, she can’t get confirmation of the date of her stay. She even finds some mystery NYC chauffeur, who seems to have a lot of Shiv/Cora knowledge, like, for example, that Shiv was looking for Bridget months before they got in touch, and also, that she was often packing heat!

Since Shiv is quite alive, thank you very much, she’s in hot pursuit of Henry aka Tool Belt. While Tool Belt doesn’t realize the woman living with Andrew Martin is Bridget Kelly, he does think Real!Shiv is Bridget and turns her over to Agent Machado. Since even identical twins don’t have identical fingerprints, it doesn’t take long before Machado realizes Shiv is Shiv, which could provide cover for Bridget-as-Shiv, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Before that, Shiv pawns the ring Andrew gave Bridget for his sixth anniversary with Shiv, and then meets up with a fake i.d. dealer to get a new passport. From talking to Tyler (whom Bridget has already called) she realizes her Cora Farrell alias has to die, and asks for a new, fake passport. It’s when she throws out the old passports that Tool Belt (who has been trailing her) catches on, and gives Agent Guyliner the heads up. Shiv lies to Guyliner that she hired NA Charlie/John as a P.I. to track Bridget, and that NA Charlie/John is the one who led her to the fake i.d. dealer — the implication being that the fake i.d. was Bridget’s.

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