ringer sarah michelle gellar 320 'Ringer' recap: What's With The Bangs, Buff?Shiv’s frenemy Greer is raising funds for Juliet’s public [shudder] school, so Bridget (who is sporting bangs that I either love, love-to-hate or just plain hate) hosts a benefit at the Park Ave. pad. Juliet gets trashed during the party, so Andrew sends her to her room. When Bridget checks on her, she learns Juliet is trying to avoid Mr. “Logan” Carpenter and why, so Bridget turns into Buffy and punches him in the face, which would have worked better for me, had it not been teased five years ago, when the previous episode of Ringer aired.

By the way, Greer knows about Henry (Tool Belt) and Shiv’s affair. Bridget-as-Shiv tells Greer it’s over. But meanwhile…Siobhan is still in town, and she tells Henry they’re not broken up any more. It’s all so confusing. Shiv sneaks into Andrew’s office, and then later sneaks into the Park. Ave pad, because she’s trying to steal more information about Martin/Charles Financial. She can’t help but peek at herself (well, Bridget) in the shower, though, which is really kind of creepy. She also steals the big rock Andrew gave Bridget on the anniversary of his wedding to Shiv. Poor Nice Buffy. Mean Buffy is totes the reason she can’t have nice things (except, of course, for all the nice things Nice Buffy is currently enjoying as she assumes Mean Buffy’s life).

Now that Gemma is actually dead, Tool Belt cares about her a lot, so he’s cooperating with Agent Victor “Guyliner” Machado, in the Bridget Kelly investigation. Also? Malcolm gets at job at Andrew’s firm, in order to keep an eye on him. Who can blame you, Mal? I like keeping both eyes on Andrew.

I suddenly feel like I have to watch all eleven episodes again, to even remember what the heck is going on, on this show. All I know for sure is that it was a bad scheduling decision to let a new show go so long without any new episodes. When the last episode bowed, I was all squeeful about this show. Now, I’m just trying to remember who is who.

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