sarah michelle gellar ringer pilot new cw 'Ringer': Sarah Michelle Gellar promises flashbacks in new CW series, makes 'Damages' comparisonSince you likely have not seen the pilot episode of Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s “Ringer,”
the dark CW neo-noir about a woman on the run assuming her twin
sister’s identity, let us just tell you that there’s no shortage of

Revelations and twists come fast and furious in the first outing, and
though some might even call it too much, the team behind the show told
the crowd at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that
they think it works, as is.

“We talked about moving things around,” confesses co-creator Nicole Snyder after the show was picked up. “When Eric [Charmelo] and I wrote this, we wrote it in a little bubble. I think it all works contained in the pilot.”

Those mysteries and dilemmas presented will play out over the course of
the season, and, if all goes according to plan, well into the future.

“When we pitched the series, we had three seasons mapped out,” says Charmelo, “And much like ‘Damages,’ we wanted to play with time and perspective.”

Incidentally, “Damages” is one of the series that inspired Gellar to
return to television. “I started watching a lot of television,” she says
of her time off. “All of the amazing roles for women [are] on

“Roles” being an appropriate word here. In “Ringer,” Gellar plays the
roles of Bridget, Siobhan and Bridget pretending to be Siobhan. And
while the set-up for the series doesn’t seem to accommodate many future
scenes of Gellar interacting with herself, it definitely will.

“I think there are two or three flashbacks for me,” Gellar says of the
each episode’s time line. “The flashbacks are a great way to give
answers to the story… For some reason, even though they’re in the 90s,
I’m pretending we’re in the ’80s. I’m pushing for the blue eye shadow
and the high bangs.”

So does that mean one sister will only be seen in flashbacks? Nope. “You
will see both Bridget and Siobhan present and past,” she says, “and
that’s all I’m going to say.”

Another lingering question about “Ringer,” now that production on the
series is well underway, is if it will be entirely devoted to the serial
arc or if viewers can expect some sort of “mystery of the week.”

“She will do a little bit of her own detective work,” says Snyder, “but
she will not be working with the NYPD to solve crimes. We will solve
bits and pieces of the mystery as we go on.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell