ringer ioan smg kris tara 'Ringer' scoop: Where's Gemma? Plus, Kristoffer Polaha's fate on the show revealedTonight’s “Ringer” was quite the doozy. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading now, because we are about to dig deep into some major, major spoilers. We use the term “game-changer” a lot, but tonight, we really mean it — those last moments changed the game for good.

Finally learning of Bridget’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) switch with Siobhan — and Siobhan’s affair with her husband — Gemma (Tara Summers) took drastic measures. In a rather twisted indecent proposal, she blackmailed Bridget, demanding that Bridget sleep with Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) so that Gemma could catch them in the act. This way, she’d have irrefutable evidence for the infidelity clause in their prenup.

This time, though, she pushed Bridget too far. Bridget revealed the plan to Henry – who went totally off the rails. In the final scenes of the episode, a hysterical Gemma called Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) and demanded that he meet her at her apartment.

When he got there, though, only Henry was there… and the camera revealed a trashed living room and a gruesome blood spatter on the wall.

So the question remains: Is Gemma dead? Did Henry kill her? We attended a Q&A with executive producers Eric Charmelo and Pam Veasey to get the scoop.

Predictably, they weren’t particularly forthcoming. “There’s blood on the wall, so you fill in the blanks however you want to,” Charmelo teased.

“It was a decision that evolved to add tension to the structure of the show,” Veasey says. “But let’s put it this way — we don’t count her missing yet. It makes for interesting texture for Henry, for Kristoffer Polaha’s character, who has to deal with this situation.”

Don’t worry, though: Henry will not be exiting the series as a result of the events that unfolded in tonight’s episode. “Regardless of did-he or didn’t-he, he’s going to be a part of this world,” Charmelo says. “It’s, again, will he be friend or foe of Bridget? Will he be friend or foe of Siobhan? It’s two sides of the coin. He would be a part regardless of which side he chose.”

“Kris Polaha’s not going anywhere,” Veasey clarifies. “The short answer is that.”

It certainly leads to a major shift in his character, though. “Henry is a man on the verge,” says Charmelo. “From the beginning, he’s deprived of the one thing he wants more than anything. It will drive him to desperate measures.”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie