ringer-season-finale-sarah-michelle-gellar-ioan-gruffudd-im-the-good-twin“Ringer” airs it’s Season 1 finale “I’m the Good Twin” on Tuesday, April 17 and according to producers Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, it’s going to be a bloodbath! We’ve got a wedding, at least three deaths and a cliffhanger. Whether or not the Sarah Michelle Gellar-lead drama comes back next season, it’s certainly going out with a bang.

Charmelo tells TVLine, “There is the mother of all cliffhangers that is posed by the end of the
Season 1 finale, and it’s a great jumping off point for Season 2. That
said, it will be satisfying and we will still answer questions. And by
no means is the audience going to feel cheated — it
really, really delivers. It’s going to satiate you, but leave you hungry
for more.”

Snyder says, “We had a specific drive and an engine for the first season, and this
cliffhanger has everything change direction. It changes the motivation
of certain characters.” She adds, “It’s a bloodbath. We have at least three deaths in the finale.”

The baby drama will also hit a breaking point. Are you guys excited for the finale? What are your views on the show coming back next season? What secrets are going to come out? Check out a preview of the finale below and start talking.

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