prince chunk RIP Prince Chunk, America's most famous fat catPrince Chunk, the 40-pound-plus cat whose rescue from the streets of New Jersey — and incredible girth — made him famous a couple of years ago, has died.

]]>Vince Damiani tells the New York Daily News. “We lost a family member.” Chunk made national headlines a couple years ago when he was found living on the streets of Voorhees, N.J., having been abandoned when his previous owner lost her home in a foreclosure. He became something of a cause celebre and appeared on a bunch of morning shows. He reportedly weighed as much as 44 pounds, though after the Damiani family adopted him in August 2008, they said he weighed only about half that. Still, a 22-pound house cat still qualifies as a fat cat. The family also used their feline’s fame to form the Prince Chunk Foundation, which helps pet owners who are going through hard times financially. Farewell, Prince Chunk. May you have all the Meow Mix you want in the next life.

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