Last night the lights went out on Studio 60, my most anticipated show of the season (as well as my biggest let-down of the season). Since I’ve already covered the show’s disappointing performance, and don’t want to upset Studio 60‘s diehard fans in their time of mourning, I’ll just say that the final episode was very satisfying. Aaron Sorkin tied up all the loose ends, and wrote in plenty of happy endings for the show’s characters.

(Spoilers ahead.)

Contrary to my prediction, Jordan came out of the episode a-okay, complete with adoption papers for Danny to sign. Their new daughter, Rebecca Tripp, is pretty dang cute. Unlike every wrinkled, owlish, actually newborn infant I have ever seen. While Jordan was still in danger, Danny and Harriet got to spend some quality time together dissecting the whole Matt/Harriet thing.

After hearing that Matt has been getting high since fighting with her a few months back, Harriet decides that he’s the man she wants to be with. Because…I don’t know why. At any rate, she and Matt have a lovely "I’m the person you tell about these things" scene at the end of the episode, in which they confess their as-yet-undying love for each other and make out like crazy. Incidentally, both this scene and the above "Danny and Jordan looove each other" scene are schmaltzy sweet enough to remind me that Aaron Sorkin is also the man behind The American President (probably my favorite romantic movie ever).

Meanwhile, Simon and Jack continue to spend quality time together, and Steven Weber pulls out all the stops. Seriously, the dude’s awesome. Give him his own show now, please. Jack finishes the story of how Matt and Danny left the show all those many years ago, and really seems to regret the way things were handled. In the end, he quite seriously demands that Simon not apologize, which is enough to get Simon to agree to apologize, of course. But they’re interrupted by…

Tom’s brother, on the phone from a helicopter containing his rescue team and the two other missing soldiers! So…that ransom thing really went nowhere, huh? Jubilation all around, anyway, and cigars too, as Danny arrives to celebrate his fatherhood. So happy endings for all (except for me, because Cal is barely in this episode), and we’re out. It’s been fun, Sorkin. I may not have loved this show as much as I wanted to, but I’m sure you learned some valuable lessons about ego projects and will move on to bigger and better things.

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Posted by:Liz Pardue