rob dyrdek daniel tosh Rob Dyrdek challenges Daniel Tosh to a fight after 'Tosh.0' parodyThe latest celebrity beef comes with a side of physical violence: Rob Dyrdek, star of MTV’s “Ridculousness,” wants to fight comedian Daniel Tosh after a parody skit on Tosh’s Comedy Central series “Tosh.0” featured Tosh as Dyrdek plying young shirtless boys with booze.

Or, at least Dyrdek did. Although at first the MTV star responded by tweeting “I am not a comedian or an actor so unfortunately for @danieltosh we are going to have to settle this the old fashioned way” — Dyrdek later deleted those missives — he has since backtracked.

“I am not going to try to fight @danieltosh .. I played perfectly into his plan.. He did something very funny..I reacted like a douche bag,” he writes. “There will be no ROB vs TOSH ..the thought of that is really and truly embarrassing.I work to hard and do to much to even do something like [that].”

Tosh was a good sport about the challenge, though, writing on his Twitter, “fair enough but if you have to beat me up, can we film it and put it on my show so people will actually watch it?”

Burn! For those keeping track, Dyrdek’s “Ridiculousness” bears more than a little resemblance to Tosh’s long-running “Tosh.0,” as the premise of both shows is to mock viral videos from the Internet for the TV-viewing audience’s pleasure.

Posted by:Jean Bentley