rob ford late night shows crack toronto gi Rob Ford: Crack smoking admission mocked on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' 'Daily Show' and more

How did late-night comedians deal with Toronto mayor Rob Ford‘s admission that he smoked crack cocaine? Obviously they had to make jokes about him. The results from “The Daily Show,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “The Colbert Report” and more are rather hilarious.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel had some advice for cities wanting to avoid having a Rob Ford of their own. Check out the segment called, “How to Know If Your Mayor’s on Crack.”

They did a good job with this, including the always-fun footage of Ford walking into a camera and falling down while playing football.

There’s really no way that “The Colbert Report” could pass up commentary on a story like this, right? Right.

“On the bright side, he is personally taking crack off the streets of Toronto.”

On “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart followed-up his initial report on Ford by pointing out that Torontonians may just be enablers.

Why is Toronto full of enablers? That’s because Rob Ford’s approval ratings went up with this admission.

Not all late-night hosts devoted lengthy segments to ridiculing Ford. Some of them just made quick jokes. Jay Leno, for example, simply made a joke on “The Tonight Show”: “At least he had a good excuse. Here we all thought he was a cokehead or crackhead. Turns out he’s just a drunk.”

Similarly, David Letterman mentioned Ford in his “Late Night” opening monologue. Speaking of the New York mayoral election, Letterman mentioned that the candidates wanted to “crack down on drugs.” Ford, in comparison, “just wants crack.”

At least the world is getting some great humor from this rather awful scandal.

Posted by:Laurel Brown