Jerry Gergich may make a lot of mistakes on “Parks and Recreation,” but he’s got nothing on Toronto mayor Rob Ford. That’s part of what made actor Jim O’Heir‘s parody of the crack-smoking politician so entertaining in a “Jimmy Kimmel Live” segment airing on Wednesday (Nov. 6).

Jimmy Kimmel introduced the clip by saying that his show had gotten Ford to answer a few questions that could clarify the mayor’s admission of crack smoking in a video. Obviously, this was a joke. But it was a surprisingly good one, thanks to a spot-on performance by “Parks and Recreation” actor O’Heir.

With everything from the ruddy complexion to the shaking with anger, the Rob Ford performance was nearly perfect — even if the accent was a little more Minnesota than Toronto. The way O’Heir plays with the semantics of the admission makes up for any small hiccups in anything else.

The so-crazy-it-must-be-true story of Rob Ford, meanwhile, continues to get more awful. On Thursday (Nov. 7), a new video of the Toronto mayor was released. In it, Ford repeatedly threatens to kill an unnamed person, possibly in a boxing ring.

There is no word yet on whether crack could have been the impetus for the murder video too.

Posted by:Laurel Brown